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The skinny!

Over the years, the industrial, marine, transportation, utility and the aviation industry have trusted the Epoxytex® name.  Backed by years of testing combined with the most advanced technical help, our customers are very happy with their Epoxytex® Do-it-Yourself systems.   The secret behind our Epoxytex® lies in it's simplicity of application.  We provide a total package solutions. From on the phone or onsite consultation to all the tools (rollers, handles, mixers, gloves etc.) Customers are rest assured that they will save money as well as install a world class epoxy floor using our systems.  Manufactured in our state of art facility with the strictest quality controls, Epoxytex®has been proven second to non.  The savings are just one portion of the benefits that can be achieved using Epoxytex® flooring products.   Looking for a custom color? No problem. We carry 12 standard colors plus we can make customs.
Simplicity is the Key!

As easy as 1-2-3 you ask? Yes!  If you can follow directions on our containers and can use a roller, you can apply our epoxy coatings.  We work of the CPC principal. Clean, Prime & Coat.  Our water-based Epoxytex® Prepex™Cleaner  is used just by mixing it with water in the appropriate concentrations.  Our Epoxtex® Primer TH is a two part epoxy that is mixed with a jiffy mixer and applied at 200 sq. ft/gal.  The Epoxtex® Topcoat known as Pour-N-Spread™which is also a two part product is mixed the same way and applied anywhere from 80 sq. ft per 3 gallon kit producing a high-build coating.

Advantages of a Hi-Build Epoxy?

The secret to Epoxtex® is in it's formulation to produce a hi-build coating. Epoxtex® can be applied from 1/16" to 1/4" thicknesses to produce a hi-build coating unlike others on the market.  The advantages are obvious.  First, Epoxytex® due to it's hi-build nature will even out un-even profiles on the floor thus you spend less time and money on surface prep.  Many plant floors are not perfectly even and have voids, hairline cracks etc.  Epoxtex® has been designed to flow into these areas.  Epoxytex® Primer TH is a low-viscosity product especially designed to flow into crack and crevices.  The Pour-N-Spread™topcoat will then add to the leveling of the damaged area due to it's hi-build properties to produce a smooth and an evenly leveled surface. Secondly, hi-build coatings are stronger and more impact resistant.


Produces an epoxy floor with the floor profile visible

Epoxtex® was used
Produces a smooth, flat & even floor!

Tested Durability & Epoxytex® Usage:

Epoxytex® provides you with a fantastic chemical resistant floor combined with an extremely wear and impact resistant solution. What makes Epoxytex® Pour-N-Spread™unique is that it has a slight amount of "flex" in it.  Heavy impact by tools will not damage the integrity of the coating.  This "flex" has been specially formulated for this particular reason.  One of the most noticeable pluses is its non-staining specifications.  Epoxytex® is stain resistant, easy to clean and maintains good color stability unlike many epoxy coatings on the market.  Typical uses are:

Pharmaceutical Plants
Hospitals, Laundries
Food Processing Plants
Bottling Plants
Clean Rooms
Battery Rooms
*Chemical Rooms
Pulp & Paper Mills
Airport Hangers
Pickling Rooms and the list goes on .... See picture gallery

* - For extreme chemical splash zones as in Acid & Caustic motes,  we offer Epoxytex® Chemithane epoxy as a top coat

Environmentally Friendly Products:

Our products boast safety! Safety is our number one priority when it comes to worker protection.  Our ackbone coatings namely Epoxytex® Prepex™ Cleaner, Epoxytex® Primer TH & Epoxytex® Pour-N-Spread™have been made with formulas that far exceed many of the safety standards.  Our cleaner is a non-toxic, bio-degradable degreaser capable of cutting through heaviest industrial grime and oils yet very easy on the hands.  Plus no harsh odors!  Our Epoxytex® Primer TH has no VOC content and has been formulated to be solvent free thus no harsh solvent odors.  The Epoxytex® Pour-N-Spread™is also formulated solvent free giving you odor-less solvent free application.  Customers choose our products because they do not want harsh smells to emit in their industrial plants. 

Technical Assistance:

One of the best in the market!  Our lab technicians are our technical personnel.  With vast knowledge in epoxy formulation, they are responsible in backing your projects from Step 1 to final pour.  When you buy material from us, you are not only buying product, but you have on hand at a moments notice, the very knowledgeable technical department that can answer any questions.  They will guide you by holding your hand from beginning to end.  If you need any custom formulation made, please give us a call at (516)624-9774 or you can Fax us at: (516)624-9860. 

Sales Department:

Our sales department operates from 8am - 6pm Eastern Time.  Give us a call anytime during business hours for fast, prompt and professional help. We accept all major credit cards. We offer world-wide shipping and also cover all national U.S orders.

Color Chart:

The below chart is our standard colors.  If you want any colors matched, please send us a sample chip. Or give our technical assistance a call if you need help on choosing the appropriate color scheme for your plant.  Gray tints and white are the most popular colors as they reflect light and brighten up the general atmosphere. We also carry a flat black epoxy for welding rooms. Please inquiry with our sales dept.

Private Labeling Program:

Epoxytex offers a unique private labeling program for potential large volume customers.    Our standard packaging includes gallon containers, 5 gallon pails and 55 Gallon Drums. 

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